Chloe Goodchild - Coming to Hollyhock August 14 - 19th The Naked Voice - An Indepth Retreat, Cortes Island, BC. Canada.

I am really looking forward to returning to Hollyhock Holistic Center, Cortes Island, BC, after 10 years. What a blast !  We have a great turn out already. And there are still spaces ! So do come and join us !


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13 November 2015
Lots of love from Zuma Beach, LA, where I enjoyed a beautiful visit with my long time student friend and now music collaborator – Stella Davies – and her beautiful husband Bill, and his inspiring son Sean. Onto NYC City now….the final lap of this incredible joyous singing pilgrimage in USA, celebrating a new cycle of life for The Naked Voice. Shared a gentle focused evening with deep listening shared sound spoken song sacred chant with time for self inquiry last night at The Mystic Journey bookstore Venice, LA. An inspiring closure to an unforgettable sound-into-soul voyage on the West coast. Just boarding for NYC now for the final chapter of this 6 week naked soul singing trip.
Looking forward to the annual Naked Voice Winter Retreat Dec 6-9th. I’ll meet you there where we will, Find Your Voice, Find Yourself.
7 November 2015
A wonderful reunion with dear old and new friends in San Francisco. We had 60 attendees at the NV workshop and a wonderful collaborative concert at the Marin School thanks to Lloyd Barde, Deborah Wilder and friends. I had some inspiring new music connections with Barbara Borden (See "Keepers of the Beat" DVD) and Gary Malkin, film composer and producer of "Graceful Passages".
Arrived in LA yesterday for a delightful house concert last night hosted by a very old friend, Stella Davies - an inspiring voice and NVF graduate from 2007 - and her wonderful musician friends Jack (Hawaiian dulcimer and guitar) and Ramesh (percussion).
Chevalier Book store reading this afternoon in LA and a workshop tomorrow in Ventura at Cosmotion.
Deep gratitude to all my hosts every step of the way. It's a strenuous ride. I'm loving the generous reception and the deepening interest in the transforming power of sound.
31 October 2015
The Naked Voice SongFest – thank you Lloyd Barde Productions! An unforgettable workshop-into-concert last night at the Marin School with a world class line-up of radiant humble musicians, who also happen to be my very dear West coast friends – Barbara Borden (world percussion), Kim Rosen (poetry) and Gary Malkin (piano), in the Marin School Mill Valley. Huge gratitude to Lloyd and Deborah Barde for co-creating this memorable night celebrating my book “The Naked Voice – Transform Your Life through the Power of Sound”. Thank you everyone!
30 October 2015
My book tour pilgrimage goes on. It’s full on and flowing very well. After the SAND2015 conference a beautiful break in the mountains with a gathering for self-inquiry through NV chants sound and song with my dear friends Cris and Jack Mulvey-Kuehn and their community near Nevada City. A gentle 3 hour train journey brought me back into The Bay Area yesterday. It’s an enchanting paradise world here with beautiful sun, positive energy and more wonderful connections with very dear old soul friends. It feels like a long awaited home-coming. Today started with a great music rehearsal with extraordinary percussionist supremo, Barbara Borden – a joyous humble radiant being and a true force of nature through virtuoso effortless percussion sourced from the deepest listening! I’m now Looking forward to our concert and workshop tomorrow produced by Lloyd Barde Productions. Lloyd has pulled out all the stops for this music gathering. I feel deeply honored. Can’t wait!
25 October 2015
SAND volunteer Michael Robinson drove me from San Jose to Sacramento, state capital of California a 3hr drive. My old friends Cris and Jack met me there and drive me on to their home near Nevada City. A beeeautiful magical community here, once the “Gold Rush country”! And I’m LOVING the BIG SUN after weeks of rain in UK. I’m spending 4 lovely days singing and resting chez Cris and Jack in their exquisite country home (with huge porch and decks) in the Grass Valley. It was Cris who introduced me to the Blackfeet medicine elders in Montana several years ago (this story is in my book). It’s a full on journey, and I’m so enjoying the nourishing and creative encounters with old and new friends. Tomorrow, an evening celebrating my book ‘at home’ with shared sound chant and love song, hosted by Cris and Jack.
22-25 October 2015
SAND2015 conference was an inspiring dynamic experience enabling many substantial communications in the company of Deepak Chopra, Rupert Spyra, Elizabeth Sahtoris and many more. 38 USA states represented and 30 other countries bringing together modern mystics, scholars, artists and new scientists to explore the meeting of non-duality, science and consciousness. The Naked Voice work was well received as a bridge between these worlds. I also enjoyed a great evening with my publishers North Atlantic Books who are also sponsors of SAND. It was a great delight to meet my editors Tim McKee and Hisae Matsuda, face to face, and also NAB director Doug Reil. An open hearted evening for us all with 8 other NAB authors (see photo). We all feel very supported by our lovely publishers!
15-18 October 2015
Thursday: Spent my first day at the Arizona Music Instrument Museum (MIM) with Barbara Crowe, pioneering emeritus Professor of Music Therapy - at Arizona State University - and her lovely husband Ross. A phenomenal building accommodating examples of all the music instruments and cultures of the world with audio-visual recordings of their instrumental and vocal styles. Barbara is author of "Music and Soulmaking", a must-read for all those interested in the cross fertilisation of music, complexity science, chaos theory, and consciousness, leading toward a new spiritual ground, catalysed by our relationship with sound. In the evening we heard Joan Armatrading in concert at MIM. Her last world tour! She was radiant and a great inspiration at 64 years!
Friday:My interactive concert at Arizona Recital hall. A lovely intimate space for 100 capacity. Meditative deep listening and presence. Well received, opening the door with stories, sound poetry and song from my book.
Saturday: Same venue and a great Day Naked Voice workshop at Arizona Music Dept organised by emeritus professor of Music Therapy Barbara Crowe and her wonderful staff Robin and Kymla. That evening, I gave my first bookstore reading/signing at the Changing Hands Bookstore which was a lot of fun. Welcoming organisers, and a very large book store with a beautiful space to present. Deep listening everywhere.
Sunday: The Grand Canyon with friends Barbara and Ross in their enormous motor home called 'Spirit'.
Phoenix rising! Sa Reeeeeeeeee
9-10 October 2015 - Enlivened Living Conference
SINGING FIELD 1 - Denver Colorado (SA) I AM - BEING - ROOT CHAKRA exploring the quantum field through shared sound light being. 
Organiser Nathan Crane (The Panacea Community, USA)
Presenting at the Mile Hi Church (below).
"Beyond ideas of right and wrong doing, there is a field, a singing field. I'll meet you there..."